Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Why Can't My Daddies Get Married?"

I don't know who these guys are in the first picture there to the right in the slide show, but I love the message, so I thought I'd include them on the blog this week. This picture was part of a recent gay right-to-marry protest in NYC. The picture is from the work of photographer Sion Fulluna. You can see more of his work on Flicker here.

The other pictures struck me as so similar to hills of Northern Ireland where my beloved friends Vincent and David live, so I checked it out. It's from the Hope Bothy by Venture Scotland, a sort of conservation group as best I can tell at first glance. Though they may not specifically be gay, I like their diverse approach (from their About Us page.
The organization offers an inclusive approach to working on personal development, through a unique and successful volunteer and user-led programme.

At Venture Scotland we work to create an unequaled culture of respect, transparency, challenge and support in order to facilitate a significant 'step in the right direction' for all - participants, volunteers and staff alike.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a video recently seen on BBC One that asks the question, "Is is good to be gay in Northern Ireland." The piece among others features our own Vincent, a gentle giant of an activist (my words, not his own), and a little bit of his story.

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