Thursday, November 13, 2008

From the Mind of a Fifteen Year Old

Leaving the little country store tonight, with our bag of fried chicken in hand, his ear phones draped down from the sides of his Zack Efron hair, I turn and notice a far away, serious look in his eyes.
Me: (Concerned) What are you thinking?

Him: (With barely a hesitation) Who would win in a fight, Sheryl Crow or Celine Dion?

Me: (Raised eyebrows turned in toward each other)

Him: Well, if you don't want to know don't ask!

Me: (After a moment) Sheryl Crow. Definitely Sheryl Crow. (Long pause in the car). But then I bet that Celine has some serious claws and could be really vicious in a cat fight.

Him: Yeah.

That's right folks, my sons and I are not afraid to talk about the deep stuff.


Rachel said...

That is AWESOME.

David, Son of Walt said...

Rachel! How good to see you. Stand tall in Philly for us tomorrow.