Friday, May 11, 2007

Proud Father Moment #8476 (stole that title from Smokey)

Or is it #8477? Oh, heck! I've lost count. Well, if you read here at all you already know that I have the three most amazing sons on earth. Micah, the comedian and story teller, Jonathan, the easy-going jokester and future engineer. And then there is my oldest boy, Josiah. My first born. I do not honestly think I have a favorite, but this entry is about him.

How is it possible that I have raised such a well rounded and smart kid? As if I can take any credit for him. Yes, he's human. He has his share of screw ups, just like his old man. In fact, that's one. He sometimes calls me "the old man." Ah hem... He also has a temper sometimes (again, like his old man), especially when his two younger brothers get on his nerves or when he cannot seem to get the whatcha-ma-call-it connected to the thingy-bobber in order to get the online cable to work.

Yet, he is overall just such a good good, sweet kid. He reads to his younger brother. Has great patience with the middle one. He helps them with their homework, defends them no matter what. He loves sports, and while he's itching to be a starter, his coaches love him because he does exactly what they ask him to. He plays basketball and recently changed from soccer to football because he's a formidable guard. He's already taller and broader than I am.

He's also an A student and was recently in the local paper for being one of the local football players who hit the honor roll. He's interested in taking guitar lessons. He's active in his church youth group and in the school chorus and theater (thank god, he's had little interest in romance up to now!).

And this week he auditioned with the Missoula Children's Theatre tour that was coming locally. He landed the part of the King of the Land Above and will apparently be in "every other scene" when I go to see him on stage tomorrow night.

Missoula is a whirlwind tour with auditions on Monday and practices every night until the shows on Saturday. So I had to rearrange my schedule and should be in bed already since I have to be into work at 6:30 in order to be there for the evening show.

Yeah, I'm proud of all three of my boys, and I am glad for what part I played in bringing this wonderful, loving kid into the world.

I love you, and I'm proud of you, Jo.

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