Thursday, November 27, 2008

And Another Thing...

How's that for an overused subject heading? Okay, the bird is in the roaster and I have sweet potatoes, smashed potatoes with manchego (sp?) cheese (thank you, Rachel Ray), baked corn, buttermilk biscuits and such to make yet. Brian baked apple and pumpkin pies; I made my cranberry orange relish and of course, mamma's famous stuffing.

So I hope you are enjoying some time with your family or friends and counting your blessings today. And you don't have to be in the U.S. to spend the day feasting and drinking up the good life; I hope you have a blessed day to be thankful for, wherever you are.

Okay, as much as I want to obsess over the RSS feed for this blog and linking it to the new home pages which are set to launch in less than a week, my sons are on their way and I have some work to do. So for today I thought I'd just pass on this clip of an added response regarding the previous post. Thanks for your kind replies, by the way.

Okay, back to basting and sipping (brandy, orange liquor and baily's in my coffee... yum!) Have a great day!

Your Friend in Fatherhood,
David, Son of Walt

I may respond just a little bit yet to what's already been said, but for now let me mention a pet peeve of mine that showed in "David's" (I still think it's cowardly to use your wife's profile to reply, not to mention confusing) response. Why is it that straight people get to have a LIFE when all I get to have is a Lifestyle.

And I wonder, which part of my life is only a style? Is it the parent teacher conferences I am going to today at my children's school? Or perhaps it's the Bible study I am attending tonight? Is it the way I cut my lawn or how we write our mortgage check? Is it perhaps the way we pay our property tax? Or maybe how I worry that I haven't called my dad lately and when can I go visit my sister. Maybe it was something about how I went to work yesterday and will go back tomorrow and earn my living, try to budget for Christmas presents and maybe a drink with friends after work.

Silly me, I just can't figure it out. I thought I had a life. But then again, maybe you straight right winged Christians just cannot keep your mind off my genitals and where they've been that you cannot seem to notice that my life is just like yours except for the way I have sex.

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