Wednesday, August 29, 2007

High School Never Ends?

I can't believe I'm posting this on our blog, but the runt of our litter, eleven-year-old Micah, created a video with Windows Movie Maker to the song by Bowling for Soup, "High School Never Ends," and damn I think it's good.

I'm personally not into WWE, but hey, when the kids like it and want to talk about it, want to share with dad what they are into, we're idiots not to at least attempt to feign an interest. I'll be honest, some of it worries me a bit-- the steroids, the deaths, the stuff you barely hear about. All the more reason to look into it and make sure my sons' interests don't lead them into trouble. Right?

Actually, the boys have great heads on their shoulders. As Micah told me when I was warning him against giving out any personal info online, they're "not stupid."

"I know you're not, honey, but I'm your dad and I'm supposed to say this stuff." I'd rather discuss more with them than they want to hear than make an assumption that could endanger them.

Okay, I'm veering into a post for another time, about online safety and keeping our kids smart and secure, but for now, I just want to share with you his clip. If you or your kids are into what was once known as "professional wrestling" or even the great music by Bowling for Soup (some occasional language makes the dad in me wince, but really, the music my boys listen to is some of the best and cleanest stuff out there. Sounds like another upcoming post to work on...)

We worked all afternoon the other day trying to get this movie file converted to AVI or WMV so that he could upload it to the net, but after I left, he figured it out for himself. Kids have this frighteningly delightful way of surpassing us on their own, don't they? I guess that's part of our job-- overseeing their leaps beyond us.

I think the way he has the right pics and clips at just the right part of the song is pretty slick...


Sandy Carlson said...

That's a great story! MovieMaker is a wonderful program. My daughter is 9 and uses it for her favorite stuff. The time investment it requires means the stuff has to be important!

Blogger's video uploading system is nice but slow. YouTube is a wonderful alternative, though. There are a few kooks, but really only a few!

Nice blog.

Thanks for visiting WIF!

David, Son of Walt said...

Thanks, buddy