Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gay Dads Meet Again! (Back from Ireland!)

My partner Brian, my oldest son, Josiah and I had a wonderful and relaxing ten days in Northern Ireland with Vince and his family, his partner, David (yes, another David!) and son Conor.

At least it was relaxing for us. I don't know about for David and Vince who took great care of us and carted us all over the place to see the sites.

For a pic of our families together check out GF's recently update home page. We'll be posting more pics and links soon.

Meanwhile there are lots of plans for GF in store, as the managers and key players have been discussing for weeks before my holiday. I'll let you in on more of that shortly. We want to be a global community for gay fathers. If you know a gay dad would you please point him in our direction? There are not enough quality places for gay parents to meet these days, though I confess there are more than there were when we first started back on msn four years ago. But even now we find guys who didn't know that there was a place online for men who the most important thing in their lives is parenting.

But among other things, we wish to get a weekly chat schedule board posted again.

Also, make sure you take time to respond to the "Where in the world are you" thread on the getting to know you forum.

See you around the house! Coime visit us at

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