Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jonathan (just turned 13) told me yesterday that he knew how to deal with bullies.

"How?" I aksed.

"Easy, you just act really crazy. Like you go up to them real close and say, 'Hit me, please hit me,' pounding your chest and shaking your head. 'Come on, here! Hit me, right here! Please!' I swear dad it works!"

He also demonstrated how you can just stop in your tracks, fold yourself up on the flor and say, "I am a rubber ball."

This clip has no audio, but it is his demonstration this morning. He is saying, "You cannot see me. I am a Chameleon. You cannot see me."

I asked how many bullies he had actually run up against in school, wondering why I hadn't known about this before. He said, "Really, only one."

"Which technique did you use on him?"

"All of them."

Explains a lot. I swear he is happiest most undisturbed kid on the planet.


The Wizard of 'OZ' said...

WoW! I bet that really works! Gotta remember that when my son gets picked on! (Reminds me of my youth!)

David, Son of Walt said...

hehe... what a great kid, huh? Always lovely to see your smiling face, Wiz!