Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oh No, he's going on 16!

My oldest son is unbelievably 15. Well, he carries 15 well, I mean he's very believable, that's not the problem. I'm just having the universal difficulty of parental adjustment to realizing that my little baby is a full fledged teenager. Sigh...

But what a great kid. He cares about his brothers, reads to the youngest, helps the middle guy with home work. He tries not to beat them up more than necessary. And now he's on MySpace.

Of course I immediately had all kinds of worries, including cyber-space predators, porn and generally bad influences. But I was relieved to see that his profile is private and there are only a few friends on his list; gaming buddies. Furthermore, I was given the honor of being invited to become one of his online friends.

Of course, friends and dads are not on equal ground, but you get the idea. He is still open enough to let me into some of his world and the worrier in me can keep an eye on what he's doing. Now, to keep a balance between being dad and keeping myself in the privileged position of being trusted with a pass to his Space.

Oh, yeah, so here is my MySpace. I don't have time for it really, so mostly I'll keep it as a link to my two spots on journalspace (including The Dirty Orange Book.), this blog and Gayfatherhood.com as well.

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