Thursday, October 13, 2005

Should the kids know?

Here is an excerpt from a current discussion on GF...

...In my situation I had more obstacles than Vincent when it comes to the dangers of passionately followed religion. The whole of Virginia's family and about half of mine were predisposed against homosexuality as some kind of sin or sickness. Her parents were angry with me for hurting their little girl (and who can blame them for that?).

My thinking was that they needed to hear it from me before they heard it from a hostile source (no matter how well-intentioned the Christians may have felt they were). I couldn't bare to think of them alone in their rooms at night privately trying to process the awful information given to them. "Is Daddy gay? Will Daddy go to Hell?" I wanted to assure them before we got to that point. Would there be questions later? Of course, but better to have them preceeded by my loving assurance.

How old are your kids? And who might they hear about this from? A gossip spreading relative? An angry hurt mother? Might she have heard things about you and suspect? There are a lot of things to consider here when deciding what is best for the kids, and only you know the answers to these questions...

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