Wednesday, September 28, 2005

That Gay Picture on the Right

Yes, indeed, I wanted to post something about that nice little "gay" picture on the right. On your left is Vincent and on the right Smokey, my two best friends in the world, literally! They are holding me up as they always have done from the start. That shot was taken last summer when Vincent and his family came to my home in Pennsylvania from Northern Ireland and Keith drove up from Frederick Maryland and we had a little family bash.

I got to see Keith (Smokey) again a couple of weeks ago when he took some time off to help take care of me after having surgery on my foot. And earlier this Summer I had the pleasure of hosting another visit from Vincent, his husband (another David) and son Conor. Next year Brian and I hope to visit them in their new home in Newtonards (did I spell that right?). We would like to see more of the guys from our online community get involved in creating small local gatherings in 2006 while we plan for a larger GF Vacation in 2007.

So, come meet us at and join in. If you thought you were one of the few or only gay men who loved being parents, you might be in for a surprise. I cannot tell you how different my life is since I met these men over three years ago online at our begining MSN group. They have enriched my life.

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